Lime-garlic chicken

It was too windy to grill on Sunday when Karen was coming over which was a bummer because it was also 90 degrees out which means my air conditioner is working over time and still my condo wasn’t exactly cool. So I had to put the oven on because after I pan-seared the chicken on the stove top. It had to go in a hot oven for a half hour. The place was a sauna.

I got this recipe from My Year with Chris Kimball and was mostly intrigued because he raved about it so much. Grated lime zest, garlic, cumin. You make a paste of it and then rub it all over the insides of the chicken thighs. I made nice little packages of bnls sknls chicken thighs that I then pan seared, as I said, and finished in the oven. I made a sauce with the leftover paste and added fresh oregano and cilantro.

MYCK gave it 5 stars, I give it 3. But I’m not such a big fan of garlic. And Karen didn’t have seconds so that tells me something. Still, I’m make it again but change the proportions somewhat.

Providing I could use the grill.

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