Lemonade apples

I have been having a weird desire for lemonade. I just want to taste it. And what I want is the vaguely waxy, overly-sweet frozen-concentrate-pure-sugar crap that I loved as a child. I’d buy some just to taste it but then I’d have it and feel forced to drink it. And I totally would but really I just need about a quarter of a cup of it to satisfy the craving.

In the meantime, I saw these “Lemonade” apples in the store (While I certainly buy apples in the store, they are one of the fruits I think more properly purchased from an orchard, and apple season being upon us I’m looking forward to forays into a local orchard or two). Anyway, I bought the Lemonade apple. It was really delicious and tasted like lemons sorta but it was def not enough to scratch that particular itch.

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