Leftovers for one

As Thanksgiving day wrapped up and the kids were whipped up into a frenzy of hysterics (by me), dishes were being done, and leftovers were being packed up to get sent home with Cousin It and Uncle Fester and, really, all I was really concerned about was getting everything packed up and out the door, including all the little plastic items, like Legos or jacks, that I would normally be stepping on for the next 3 days that I failed to realized I’d not set much of the leftover bounty aside for myself (sorry about that gonzo run-on sentence).

The next morning as I was preparing to make myself a turkey, mashed potato, stuffing and hot yellow banana pepper sandwich for breakfast as one does, I realized I had no leftovers. This was momentarily sad for me but I’m fine with Cap’n Crunch for breakfast and the challenge of creating another Thanksgiving meal, albeit only for the “leftovers” was upon me. Gauntlet thrown, challenge cheerfully accepted. (And to be clear, in no way was I upset that I did not have leftovers, I’d run a bag of leftovers out to a departing car bare feet in the snow if I had to—generally I do not like to have leftovers).

The real bonus in this situation was that there was no need to debone anything. I got half of a breast and 2 thighs. I had a bag of frozen raw herbed rolls. Made a little dish of dressing, probably too much mashed potatoes, if one can reasonably say that there can be too much of anything potato-related and a boat of gravy.

It’s a little sad eating Thanksgiving alone but I was too distracted by the m-m-m-m and lip smacking noises I was making to notice.

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