Leftover oranges

So I had a couple of oranges that I’d used mainly for zest in Florence’s cake and had already decided to make broccoli with chicken for dinner but then I thought, Hm….broccoli…orange…this could work. I grated off as much of the leftover zest as I could locate and then juiced it, velveting the chicken in orange, cornstarch and Thai chili sauce. (I had to mix this with my hands which is disgusting to me). Velveting is simply marinating something in cornstarch and some liquid or other. It makes quite a nicely velvet coating on whatever you’re sautéing. Hence the name.

Prep was a bit tedious (and the frantic scrubbing of my hands [but in a masculine way] really annoying) but making it took 5 minutes. And this stuff was amazing. I mean beyond my expectations anyway. The problem is that the leftovers (and I always make enough for lunch) definitely taste leftover. Cold and then reheated broccoli, yeah, no.

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