Lazy meals

It’s rare that I don’t like to cook. Although I did go through a year and a half of never cooking at home when I had a restaurant. I freaking cooked all the damn time. I used to stop at Pick N Save and buy goddam meatloaf from the deli and eat it cold in front of the tv at which I stared blankly. I did that for a year and a half. And I had nothing else going on, you know, so why not some seething stress in a hot kitchen all day and cold meatloaf at night?

Work is a seething hell pit right now and I am so not interested in cooking so for dinner I used jarred sauce and fried some oyster mushrooms. Meh on the mushrooms but pasta is always pretty OK, unless, like this time, you don’t cook it all the way. This was not al dente. It was pretty dente. But I ate it.

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