La Lechera ice cream

This stuff is amazing. And easy. Apparently canned dulce de leche is a “thing.” I never heard of it and that’s a good thing or I’d have empty cans of it all over my house and I’d be sporting a caftan. It’s soft caramel in a caftan, I mean can.

This “ice cream” which requires no churning is utterly simple. Empty the can into a bowl and soften it with about a half cup of cream. Add a tsp of vanilla. Really you could add nearly anything here at this point. But I’m keeping it simple.

Whip a cup of cream into pretty stiff peaks and then softly fold the caramel into the cream and freeze

Ideally you want to use this before it fully hardens, between 2 to 4 hours, but it’s super delicious after it’s hardened and you’re looking to have something sweet while you’re binge watching Victoria for the 4th time.

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