Kiltie frozen custard

When I was in high school I worked at the Kiltie in Oconomowoc. It was/is an old fashioned custard stand that opens in spring and closes in the fall. They do not take credit cards (I am sure the owner cheats on taxes). And their food is really old school custard stand food.

I loved the place and the job. Everyone who worked there was a kid around my age and it was a constant party. The owner at that time, a complete asshole, while not a child, acted like one but he was not around much. If I was lucky, I spent my day waterskiing and then worked at night, and after hours we’d go out to some late night diner, JCs, in Oconomowoc and eat french fries and drink coke. (I am sure the owner of Jcs hated us, a bunch of rowdy teenagers.) All of my sisters worked as carhops which was infinitely better paying and way more fun it seemed to me. I was a soda jerk making minimum wage.

I stopped by on the 4th of July to pick some frozen custard up (chocolate and vanilla) and when the carhop brought it to me (and I tipped her generously for a trip to and from my car) I told her I worked there 50 years ago and it was the best job of my life. She sourly replied, “It doesn’t pay much.”

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  1. I really miss the Kiltie burgers. It’s 10 hours drive away now. I’ve never figured out how to replicate one. Lol

    1. Kiltieburger was really easy. I do not remember the proportions but it was ground beef, Campbells tomato soup undiluted and dehydrated onions. I don’t think there was anything else in it.

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