I’ve done this thing before. Ground mushrooms sautéed to get the moisture out and then mixed with ground chicken to make meatballs. The recipe for this is decades old. From the NYT. The idea then was to make diet meatballs using chicken breast. I didn’t make them because I was dieting, I made them because this is an exquisite idea.

And it’s keto!! (I realize this is going to be a really boring topic to some people and I promise not to prolong the boredom unless it’s super interesting to me) Whether not they were keto they were pretty good.

I made 2 versions. One Asian and the other Italian. Made the mixture and then divided it in half adding ginger and garlic to one, and parmesan, tomato paste and herbs to the other. I simmered the Asian, more Chinese than anything, in a both with celery onions and star anise. Sautéed the Italian one in olive oil and added sauce.

I ate the Chinese meatballs with pickled red pepper. On the whole, as I said, they were pretty good but maybe could have used some extra oomph that I’m afraid would have cost them their keto status.

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