Just, no

In one of the many food emails and/or blogs that show up in my inbox this little nugget of information about a chef in New York appeared:

“At the age of 26, Will Guidara took over a beautiful New York City brasserie that was more flash than substance. Under the guidance of the young restaurateur, Eleven Madison Park transformed into one of the world’s finest dining establishments”.

I dunno. The pic on their website seemed a lot more flash than substance to me. This is not the kind of “dining” I prefer. In fact, I would prefer to eat rather than dine and herein lies the problem, I think.

I would not want to eat there. Well, sure, if someone else is paying for me, fine I’d “dine” there just to see what the hoopla is all about but this just looks like a waste of time, if not calories. I suppose there aren’t that many calories in it by the looks of it.

My experience with expensive restaurants, Michelin starred places and fancy little boîtes where they want you to have wine pairings and hover around you like gnats (or are completely absent, it’s always one or the other) has never been good. I’d have my mother’s meatloaf over whatever that is below any day of the week. It’s cute, I’ll give it that, but not toothsome.

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  1. Mike, we would agree in principle.

    I have long since passed the point where spending $$$$ on a dinner, no matter how good the food, is worth it to me.

    We do happen to live in a relative food mecca, so we do have choices of good food, reasonably priced meals, and interesting concepts and cuisines.

    You and I have been around the block a few times and it really is hard to be impressed. Is Iris & Lupi that much better than every other place in town?

    It’s good, bordering on very good, but It would not make my list of places that I must try. Too many other choices here

  2. I had one bad experience at Lupe and Iris. The food was ok, not anything special but the service was horrendous. I finally got up to find the server to get the bill. Which was how the whole meal went. And it was over $300 for 2 people. (the wine was expensive)

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