Just do it

I would have to admit that I had a great deal of trepidation about skiing in Colorado for 3 days. But I got an offer I could not refuse. My sister and brother in law asked me to join them (mostly likely for comic relief on the hill as they watch me Goofy-windmilling my way down the hill) and I accepted.

It’s been quite a while since I have skied, 3 years (but 21 in dog years) and so I had reservations about how well I’d do particularly since I’m old and my exercise levels have plummeted in Covid. But it was fabulous. The weather was great all 3 days, the snow was good. And my knees and hips made it through just fine. My thighs were a little unhappy but at some point you just got suck it up and do it.

And I only occasionally screamed.

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