Jings and things

I was given this gourmet treat for my birthday. I guess it is taking the world by storm. While I pride myself on being super-up-to-date on everything, I’d never heard of it. It’s Sichuan chili crisp, a “moderately spicy” sauce that comes from Chengdu, China. And everybody is talking about it. Except me apparently.

It smelled right up my alley and I like spicy so I made shrimp with red bell pepper and tossed it with rice. It is really delicious but I’d put the spicy level at not-really-all-that spicy. I think it would be good with just about anything. More on this at some point later in time.

The sad part of this story is that I somehow put a huge slice in this nearly brand new nonstick pan that I thought was unsliceable. I don’t know how. I did not, as you can see, use any metal on it.

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