January, the month of pain, 1st week

And so it begins. The month of pain. OK, so it isn’t a full month. I start this diet/lifestyle change the first work day of January so I like it when New Years falls on a Thursday and we don’t start work until Monday. Conversely, it’s kind of a bummer when New Year’s day is on a Sunday and we start work on Monday. But I don’t call it a month of pain for nothing.

I finished up the 2014 holiday season with brunch at Lake Park Bistro tipping the scales at a whopping oh really like I’d put that in writing. Anyway, I don’t get brunch. It’s so much more food than I am accustomed to eating. And a bloody mary on top of it all. I spent the rest of the day regretting it all.

This year the first week of the MOP will be a no dairy/no gluten week. I want to see how this affects me. So far so good, but I’m still full from yesterday’s brunch, seen below. The lettuce is hiding a chicken paillard that, while not that big, was served after the duck liver mousse with brioche starter, and before the cheese plate final course. And the 3 croissants. God, it’s no wonder I’m so fat.

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