It’s a process

Making the sauce isn’t that hard. In fact, none of it is all that hard. It’s just a long drawn out process which culminates with the most perfect bbq pork sandwich on the face of the earth. And that’s not just my opinion. Many of the top people in all walks of life have told me this is the best they’ve ever had. The best God put on this earth of all time. Well, that’s how Donald Trump would frame it. And I’m good with it.

The pork shoulder was charred on the grill and then slo-roasted for 3 hours. After that I refrigerated it, skimmed the fat off the pan juices, sliced it into manageable pieces to later shred. Once that’s done I slopped the whole thing with house-made (Judy Anderson’s recipe) barbecue sauce.

Seriously the best. Recipe follows (again)

Judy Anderson’s Barbecue Sauce

(used without permission)

This recipe is not cooked. But it’s best if it’s made a day or two in advance. It will last for a month in the refrigerator and this amount is more than you’d need for any one dinner.

Into a large container Put:

1 32 oz bottle of ketchup

Then fill that bottle half way with water and shake thoroughly and add water to bowl

1/4 cup or more brown sugar

3 – 4 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce (or however the hell you spell that)

3/4 cup BEST quality mild chile powder ( I ONLY use Spice House chile powder)

3 tablespoons yellow mustard

1/2 tsp cinnamon

Mix it all up.

That’s the basic recipe. You can also add TBS/tsps of your favorite ingredients such as:


Orange Juice Concentrate

Pineapple Juice


Soy sauce


In this case I added some hoisin which was pretty much undetectable.

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