It’s dietetic but who cares

As soon as I’m reading some recipe that refers to itself as “light” I turn the page. “Great for watching your weight!” No thanks. “Heart healthy” Blah blah blah. “Skinny taste” Whatever that’s supposed to mean, to me, means no taste.

These meatballs however are perfect for anyone on a diet who wants food that tastes like maybe it’s a sin to eat. (If the diet gods are watching and counting your calories for you) These are nothing but mushrooms ground up in a processor, sautéed to get rid of liquid, and then mixed with ground chicken. Here I used a little onion, garlic, basil and oregano, plus 2 eggs. Voila. I’ve made them before with soy sauce and green onions to a resounding choir of Please sir may I have some more?

Of course the addition of pasta makes them ineligible for inclusion in a diet recipe.

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