Italian for Christmas

Christmas lasagna starts out a week before with meatballs and sausages in sugu. Sugu is the long cooked tomato sauce to which I was introduced at the age of about 10 by my parents’ next door neighbor Tony Cacamise who made this miraculous meal for my family occasionally when we were kids. And I owe him a debt of gratitude. This is the best meal I can think of, seconded by the lasagna I make out of the leftovers.

I buy the sausages at Glorioso but I make the meatballs. That’s sort of a pain and making the sauce itself it is a process that goes on for days as the meats meld into the sauce. The result is luxurious. I make it only once a year but there is enough that it lasts, in one form or another until New Years if I want it to. Tony would be proud.

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