Irish Cream tiramisu

The Chocolate Sommelier had 5 bags of chocolate chip biscotti she dumped on me. I had a quart of leftover Irish cream that the Royal Indian Mounted Food Control Police made at Christmas. (Yes, it is still good). Initially I was thinking some sort of bread pudding deal but then settled on tiramisu. I’m not sure why and if the RIMFCP were really doing his job he’d have stopped me. It wasn’t a whole hell of a lot of work although there was an inordinate amount of post preparation mess, of course, but biscotti isn’t what’s usually used in tiramisu and there’s a reason for that.

It tasted fine. But the texture was off. Biscotti essentially turn into mush like graham crackers. It was more like pudding. Now that I know how to do it (it was super easy) I’m going to try it again and instead of mascarpone I’m going to use cream cheese. It’ll reduce the cost and no one will notice. Least of all the meddling RIMFCP.

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