Irish Cream cheesecake

Also not Irish (that I am aware of) was the dessert I made for St Patrick’s Day. The crust is ground up Oreos and the Irish Cream cheesecake, is, well, cheesecake. The Irish Cream came from Cork, Ireland, so there’s that. I didn’t think it tasted at all like Irish Cream. And my 3.5 yr old grand nephew very anxiously said it was “upside down.”

When he got his piece he turned it over. But then he didn’t eat it anyway.

When I told his older sister it was cheesecake she looked at me in horror and said, “cheeeeese?” She didn’t eat any either. I should have just told her it was cake. But she’s pretty suspicious of food in general.

Fortunately the parents of young children are not unlike household pets, they swoop in and eat whatever is left behind never mind how goober-y the kid got it.

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