Indian meal, part 3

Chicken tikka masala may be an American thing. Ashish is unfamiliar with it but then, he was raised a strict vegetarian, being a Brahmin, and just may never have concerned himself with it in India. I read that tikka means skewer and he has never heard of this either. (and he speaks fluent Hindi, Urdu and his native language Telegu). Masala, but the way, means spice. 

But I decided to make it so I got a recipe off the internet. In general, I do not like to use recipes for various reasons but the main reason is that it doesn’t feel like cooking, it feels like a science experiment, as is often is.

As directed I marinated the chicken in yogurt and spices and then threaded them on to skewers (ick) and then grilled them. Soaking your skewers in water in advance is not a guarantee that the skewers won’t burn up, FYI.

I made a sauce with tomato sauce and cream and yet another elaborate spice blend into which the grilled chicken tikka goes. It was excellent.

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