Indian-inspired breakfast

If it says that, Indian-inspired, right away you know three things for sure. 1. It’s not Indian. 2. No Indian would make or eat this. 3. It’s gonna be spicy.

Curried microwave scrambled eggs with lime pickle

Eric Kim an Asian NYT chef that I can tolerate watching showed me how to make scrambled eggs the best way—in the microwave. You can see it here. I riffed on it.

It’s unbelievably easy. Whisk together two eggs and a cup of broth, I think water would work. I added curry powder, salt, pepper and microwaved it in a bowl for 2 minutes. And then ate it with a tsp of Indian lime pickle. That shit hot but boy is it a flavor smack in the face. It’ll put hair on your chest it’s that good. Unfortunately it will not put it in my head or I’d eat an entire jar.

This was delicious but I did not think to put yogurt on it which would have put it over the top good. No Indian would forget that.

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