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While I rarely see news, I happened to catch a story about Martin’s Famous Potato Rolls. This is the bun used at Shake Shack. I have never eaten there but when I saw the bun I could see exactly what the roll was going to feel and taste like. The soft and sweetness of a brioche bun but more substance and durability.

I just knew I was going to have to try to make them.

I’m sure you’re thinking I could simply buy them but I cannot. Apparently the CEO of Martin’s is a heavy donor to some QAnon nut bar candidate for governor of somewhere or other (my details are a little sketchy) and there is a call to boycott Shake Shack whose response is to say they don’t pay attention to the politics of their suppliers. I’m assuming they may now if the boycott is working. I dunno. Like I said I’ve never eaten there and won’t now for sure. It’s possible that things may have changed. I wouldn’t know, I’ve been too busy chasing down a copycat recipe. (see the video here). This guy, Tommy Campbell, is a Canadian comedian and I’m assuming he made this before the whole boycott thing happened since I think Canadians are considerably less insane than Americans and he doesn’t mention it.

He swears these are as good as Martin’s. I am now less sure of that even though I have never had them. These, his and mine, look different than the pictures I’ve seen of Martin’s. I mean, mine look like exactly like Tommy Campbell’s which they ought to since I followed his recipe exactly (used the 1/4 cup of mashed potato). The dough looked like his (a sticky mess but rose beautifully).

I baked them and then buttered and grilled them for a pulled pork dinner extravaganza. They were OK but not really all that great. Or, in any event, not what I was looking for. Back to the ol’ stand mixer . . . I’ve got buns to make.

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