In case the day wasn’t difficult enough

After I frosted Mary K’s birthday cake I’d ended up with way too much frosting. That was confusing for me, usually I’m scraping the inside of the bowl to get that last cake-chasm spackled. And then the realization came to me…I had not frosted between the layers! At first I thought Oh so what? but then after some earnest considering,  I came to the this-just-wasn’t-right conclusion. But what the heck was I going to do about it?

I cut the damn thing in half between the layers (remarkably easy to do), frosted the bottom layer, replaced the 2nd layer, respackled and refrosted. No one could possibly have known.

In the cake transporter on the way to Charlie’s house the top frosting attached itself to the lid of the carrier and when I removed it the frosting that was stuck inside the lid came with it, the un-iced cake was exposed. I was super happy about that. Not that my sister and her husband even noticed, they had their hands full trying to feed a 9 month old.

I smooshed it back into place which looked OK but not quite perfect. So I stuck candles in it as a distraction. It was fine.

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