In an attempt to avoid the singing

I made my own birthday cake (which to me can only be Florence’s orange cake). I actually made 2. First I snobbishly made a yellow cake using a recipe (rather than a boxed cake mix) from Sally’s Baking Addiction. However, instead of using buttermilk as the recipe suggests, I used orange juice as one does when one is making it like Florence made it (not that she ever made any cake without a mix). I’m not a scientist so I’m not sure what chemical reaction didn’t happen here but I ended up with 2 layers of cake that when put one on top of the other, was so sunken I could have used it as a soup tureen, or a foot bath, if I had smaller feet.

So I ran back to the store and got a yellow cake mix. Why fool with perfection?

I thought that having made my own birthday cake I’d escape having to listen to people singing happy birthday at me. I did not.

I took the weird cake (it tasted fine) and cut it into pieces for later use in bread pudding or some damn thing.

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