I’m moving

More on that later once I have stopped hyperventilating, gotten the GooGone® off of my face, elbows and earlobes, and gotten rid of about 40% of my “things.” But because my house is on the market—also, more on this later—and everything needs to look as if no one ever lived, much less breathed in the damn place. So I needed to buy some premade food items. To be honest, I really miss cooking but sometimes you just gotta do.

I sashayed my way over to Trader Joe’s. Everyone raves about their food.

Lemon herb macaroni salad. “Add a squeeze of lemon for brightness” Oh, wait you mean sourness? This was awful. Sour with a capital OU.

Tomato feta soup. Oh Sweet Mother of God, NO. This was vile. I’d sooner eat off-brand tomato sauce out of the can.

Cacio e Pepe gnocchi. I was skeptical about it. But it was delicious. Yes, please. Like I’d-serve-this-to-guests good.

Whatever the green stuff in the “lemon herb macaroni salad” was was completely and utterly lost to me. But perhaps it was because I was making that sour pucker face the whole time I was eating it.

Tomato feta soup. Just loathsome. The taste of it was so empty I was afraid I’d fall into it and be adrift in flavorlessness forever. Pro tip: You want great tomato soup? Heat up tomato juice, add a dash of Worcestershire sauce and swirl in a TB of cold butter. You can thank me later.

Sure I added a splash of Franks to the cacio e pepe but it was truly delicious on its own.

These were not from Trader Joes. But Jeni (not a fan of the spelling here) apparently makes great ice cream, or so I am told. I opted for the dairy free, being all vegan and whatnot. You know me, I’m saving the planet one pint of dairy free ice cream at a time.

The chocolate tasted good but the texture was way off. It had more in common with styrofoam but without the pleasant mouth feel. The Lemon bar was surprisingly good. Like really good. I didn’t really like the chunks of what I suppose was the “bar” aspect of the flavor. But on the whole I’d eat this anytime. Of course, I’ll eat anything. Except anchovies.

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  1. Try the prepared food / deli at Beans & Barley, Whole Foods or Glorioso’s. Way better than the Trader Joe’s stuff. Of course it costs a bit more but you might not throw it away.

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