I’m anticipating toucans and penguins

I suppose this is a bit off topic although it involves feeding, just not me. I’ve had a lifelong interest in birds. I have often wondered what the librarian in Delafield thought of me when I asked for weird things like a book so I could identify the bird that I was seeing and hearing in the field behind our house. (Whippoorwill). I am not a “birder” but I’ve always kept an eye out for special or unusual birds. So when an oriole showed up on my feeders unexpectedly one morning I quickly sliced an orange in half and ran out to the feeders in a frenzy like my friend Judy when she sees a rat or a squirrel and rushes to give them Crackerjack® or circus peanuts.

Within minutes there were 5 or 6 male orioles and 2 females. I was overjoyed and then a rose breasted grosbeak joined the group! My cup runneth over! A little less joyful when a woodpecker butted in. They’re ok. But I don’t like what they do to the wood on my house and they aren’t all that exotic.

And then . . . Miracle of miracles!!! an indigo bunting!! I have not seen one in 50 years. IN MY BACKYARD!!

Oh sure cardinals are nice. But phffftt. I got buntings.

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  1. So happy about your bird sightings. And that you are sharing the joy they bring. Also pleased that you know the etiquette—“birder” not “birdwatcher.”
    Show up with binoculars at Lake Park Bistro parking lot tomorrow (Wednesday) at 8:00 a.m. and I’ll show you some more “wonderful things”.

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