I’ll show these goddam birds who’s boss

As the service berries neared their ripened stage I realized that the birds, robins mainly, were eating them. This is not fair, although technically there is no “not fair” in nature. The birds had already polished off a lot of them in their not-really-ripe stage and I just wanted enough to, say, make a pie, or possibly just taste. Based on the wild frenzy of birds in the tree this was not going to be possible. 

So I went and put a net over the tree which was not that hard to accomplish because it’s still small and this effectively stopped them. Or so I thought. For a while the robins fussed around on the ground making clucking noises that remind me of my grandmother complaining that this was not fair until I explained about the no-not-fair-in-nature thing. Then they figured out how to perch on the net and eat the fucking things. Like sitting in the salad bar. My consolation is that they can only get the outer berries.

I can only imagine the lengths I will have to go to with the raspberries, grapes, peaches, peas and beans. My yard will be a hell of plastic netting. It’s so not fair.

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