If it wasn’t perfect enough

I made a birthday dinner for someone who has the good sense to tell me in no uncertain terms, and frequently, which food I make is her favorite so when her birthday rolls around I know what exactly to make her. Rather than annoying me, it takes the burden of having to decide what to make off my shoulders.

And if chicken pot pie wasn’t enough, I made the most exquisite herbed rolls for the 3rd time since Thanksgiving. They are so fine-o-mite. With Irish butter. I’d have made my own butter but that would have taken the dinner into the realm of ridiculous.

5 Replies to “If it wasn’t perfect enough”

  1. That looks extremely fab…!

    May I respectfully suggest that the next time you’re at Peggy’s house, you make several and invite us all for dinner. I’ll bring the wine…! ka

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