Icebox cake

I love this name. It reminds me of the “olden days” when we actually had things like “icebox cakes.” And iceboxes. Actually we never had ice boxes, although there was an old one in the barn of the house we moved into when I was nine.

I think I saw this being made on the Bon Appetit website. I think. I dunno, I get so damn many food emails and watch so much other food related video stuff, shows, YouTube I can’t keep it all straight. But where ever I saw it I thought it sounded like a great idea. This took less than 5 minutes to make. Although I added another dimension that took another 5 or 6 minutes.

An icebox cake is not baked. When I was a kids my mother made one with chocolate wafers and whipped cream. It was pure heaven but probably since we rarely had desserts anything would have been fine. In this case I used something like the key lime pie filling, minus the eggs. Lemon and lime and sweetened condensed milk. When they are whisked together cream and citrus acid thicken dramatically. This then gets layered with Ritz crackers or in my case Club crackers (the preferred cracker of my aunt Florence) and the cake sits overnight so the crackers can absorb the lustrous liquid from the lemon-lime mix. I threw my usual key lime topping of cream and cream cheese onto it and topped it with the entirety of my blueberry harvest (so far).

This was awesome!! And eye opening. I can hardly wait to see how I can improve on this to make it my own.

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  1. For whatever it's worth — not much — I never heard of such a thing as this Ice Box Cake. But that blueberry harvest looks awesome! Maybe there will be more! Jean

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