Ice cream sandwiches

While I prefer always to make the very best I can make not that I always accomplish that, to be perfectly honest, I made this dessert so that little kids could eat without utensils. I find food that can be eaten with fingers is a lot less work in general, specifically clean up, well, unless we count child clean up but I’m only occasionally in charge of that. This worked out so perfectly I was amazed. I used a boxed mix because if it turned into a hellish nightmare as many things I attempt do, I didn’t want to have spent half a day making some fancy brownies only to have them be uncuttable, inedible (although that’s probably unlikely in this case) or some other disastrous thing I didn’t consider before I launched into a morning of baking on a hot day.

It was gonna be one big one that I’d cut into individual sandwiches once the thing was frozen so I divided the batter into four sections, I would need tops and bottoms (I’m avoiding an obvious joke here). Just two might have worked for one long huge sandwich but handling a long piece of brownie was likely going to be fraught (as so many things are) so I went with the quarter sections and made 2 large sandwiches to cut to size later. I have my handy dividable cake pan that a certain Asian subcontinent passport holder turns his nose up at. The only trick was knowing when they were fully baked because the recipe isn’t written for people who don’t follow instructions. It worked like a charm.

Sure it was messy, the ice cream got a little melty but, you know, who’s gonna complain? It’s an ice cream sandwich!! They’re little kids. And, well, some big ones.

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