I speak French

But not that well. I bought this in Paris many years ago. It was WAAAAY past the expiration date—those things are bogus anyway but I was desperate. I had no other food in the house so I grabbed it and boiled up a whole passel of elbow macaroni that’s been kicking around in my pantry for 16 years. Tuna salad.

So if I had read the label, well, I did read the label, but I had no idea what émietté meant (so much for 50 years of French lessons). I should have checked. It means shredded or crumbled. Looking at the contents of the can (I wish I’d taken a picture) made me gag. Cat food swimming in bright red oil, not only did it look like cat food, it came out of the can, after I drained off the red stuff, like cat food and had a texture like stiff oatmeal. 

But it didn’t smell bad. I ate it. Of course, there was onion, celery and mayonnaise to hide the taste, and I’ll pretty much eat anything. Except anchovies and this is about as close to anchovies as I can comfortably get.

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