I need a name

After I made the stuffed mushrooms a week or so ago, I had about a half cup of the filling (mushrooms, sausage and panko) leftover and I jammed that into my yap. It was goo-oo-ood. My first thought was hey, could use some pasta. 

It did. I used pappardelle and coated it with cacio e peppe, parmesan cheese and pepper. And then topped it with the…uh, I dunno. It’s not stuffing anymore, it’s not sauce either but I’m not sure what it is. Condiment? Topping? Relish? Garnish? I need a name for this. 

Maybe I’ll call it Pasta Clara. I made it for my niece and nephew. Their daughter Clara was in attendance but she’s not yet at the solid food stage.

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