I know what you’re thinking

A number of people have been brave enough to actually say what everyone is thinking regarding my garden. (Tangentially, Regarding my Garden will be the name of my autobiography.) Why are you doing this to yourself??!!

Good point. The thing is that I post stuff that’s meant to be funny. No one would read this if everything I talked about was how fabulous everything was. Ooooh my tomatoes!! Oh my Lord, the exquisite eggplant! Aren’t those squirrels adorable??!

I do get a great deal of pleasure out of the simple acts of gardening, weeding, planting, watching, waiting. I’ve had great crops of onions, potatoes and, yes, even tomatoes despite what you may think based on my incessant whining. Yes, my woodland friends, er, frenemies, OK . . . enemies are a constant source of annoyance. But I have endless hours of fun, not to mention exercise, wildly chasing them out of the yard while shrieking in what I think of as a calm yet authoritative voice.

My neighbor may have a different opinion of my tone of voice. Not that she is any calmer about the squirrels. I have personally witnessed her throw a knife at a squirrel. Now that’s some gardening I can get behind.

4 Replies to “I know what you’re thinking”

  1. Pretty much all good news for a change!!! Thank God!!!
    FYI – that kind of news never bothers me but I know I’m not your target audience! I pretty much love all of it no matter.

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