I have achieved French fries!!!!

This has only taken me 12 years of trying, 17 years off my life, thousands of recipes and countless YouTubes to accomplish. Just a few days ago I made them after watching some doofus roast them in the oven with too much olive oil. I’d watched Cook’s Complicated make them in the oven by coating them with a corn starch slurry which was just an ugly mess despite their efforts to make them sound all crunchy and delicious. I’ve been burned all too often by their cockamamie recipes to try it. Plus it didn’t look at all like something I’d either want to do or eat.

So this time I used a french fryer but tried the pre-boiled potato method. I have, in the past, used the double oil fry method but for my money a quick boil (5 minute) works perfectly. The short ribs were fabulous. Plus there were bbq beans, home-made bread and butter. (Making a small batch of butter is really easy, it turns out.)

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