I don’t like this

My grandniece announced cheerfully when she tasted the mango square I’d spent the better part of the last 3 days making.

I don’t take things that 3 year olds say personally so much but I did go into my laundry room to avoid having them see me weeping uncontrollably. I didn’t like it either. It wasn’t filthy, it just wasn’t particularly delicious. But my god was it a rigmarole. To top it off I used plastic wrap to cover it as the recipe demanded, so, environmental disaster as well.

A certain mango snob who shall remain nameless but to whom I am married went on endlessly about the delights of mangoes. Of course, he meant Indian mangoes since nothing else will do in his mind, and these were Filipino mangoes so maybe that was the problem. Whatever the issue, I will not be making it again so my grandniece need not worry.

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