I can’t help myself

Hot peppers, peppers, mild peppers, sorta hot peppers, stuffed peppers, peppers in oil. I’m in Germany the land of not hot food. Unless it’s a hot-out-of-the-pan schnitzel. Where do I drift to? The pickle aisle in the grocery store and what am I buying? Hot peppers. Peppers. Jalapeños. Cheese filled hot peppers. (and at the same time wondering how those lime pickles are marinating in my cupboard in Wisco.)

I made some sort of taco stuff. It was delicious. Roasted onions and peppers, chili powder (peppers) in tortillas. With jalapeños. We go to tapas places, what do we always order? Peppers. Pizza here comes with hot pepper oil. Love it.

I even had pepper leaf ice cream. That on the other hand was a bummer.

Anyway, I blame my mother.

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