Hyéres today, gone tomorrow

I leave today for a few weeks in France and Belgium. After over 2 years I am returning to Hyeres for a week (almost) and then Ashish and I will drive north to Belgium stopping overnight in Grenoble, his former future home, and then Strasbourg, the birthplace of my great-great grandmother, who was called Oma and spoke German though she was French. My only memory of her is one of her playing cards in bed which always struck me as German.

I will stop and look at my old apartment, if the door is open I will certainly look in. She has all my old stuff. I will eat at Dolci e Italia where there is a picture I painted on the wall. And at Le Bon Coing where I ate for the very first time in Hyéres and it was FREEZING inside and out. I suppose I will have to eat at Marius and maybe the corny medieval place.

I suppose I am sorry I sold it. I thought I was not really ever going to go back and here I am, wanting to, and going back despite not actually being grounded there. As it were.

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