Some good news about plastic. Chemical engineers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison (my alma mater and the current employer of my husband) are turning low-value waste plastic into high-value products.

Read about it here. I know not everyone worries about it. But I certainly do. According to the article this process converts olefins into aldehydes, which can then be further reduced into important industrial alcohols. I’m not sure about the industrial alcohol aspect of it but I’d be good with wine for home use.

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  1. That’s great news…Here’s more…
    https://nextrex.com/ (Did they make your deck?) make decks out of recycled plastic bags. I take mine to Metro Market where they have a pick up box. Here’s a list of other spots around Wisconsin — not that your fab base isn’t wider, but the link gives all of the spots across America:
    Family Fare
    Festival Foods
    Fresh Thyme
    Metro Market
    Pick ‘n Save
    Piggly Wiggly

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