How did we travel before this?!

I am in Baltimore and I rented a (hideous blue) car. I breezed hither and tither with either a lady or an Irish guy providing me with crisp, clear and concise directions. On this particular occasion I was heading to a gas station (I have not been to a gas station since last summer) and now I needed to fill the tank before returning it to the rental tomorrow. The Irish guy led me to what was not the nicest part of Baltimore but no matter, I was just getting gas.

Hm. How to open the gas tank on a Mitsubishi Outlander. Not a clue. There was a little door there but it did not open the way other cars do, by giving it a push. Instead, I flopped around in the driver’s seat frantically looking all over the goddam place for anything that remotely looked like it would open the thing. As there were now people behind me, albeit polite ones, waiting to get in, I began to get panicky. And then (light bulb emoji) I asked the google.

As I began to pull out the lady behind me yelled at me. I’d left my gas cap open. Having gotten used to a car with no gas cap, I’d forgotten that aspect of car ownership apparently.

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