Housekeeping cooking

To open up shelf (or drawer or whatever) space in my kitchen I’ve been making a vague attempt to use the stuff in my cupboards rather than rush out and buy new mealtime things to eat like Cheetos or Twizzlers. Among other things, I have several bags of oatmeal since I tend to not look, or maybe not look in the right place, before I go out to get ingredients for things, in this case it was cookies, I imagine.

So oatmeal. I like oatmeal well enough, rib sticking and all that razzmatazz. I upped the ante with raisins and a couple three TBs of tahini. (I’ve got a whole panoply of nut butters in my arsenal de cuisine, so in that went). I have to say it was super delicious and really changed the essence of the thing. Two thumbs up. I wish those nut butters weren’t so hard to clean off of surfaces though.

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