Hostilities in the garden

This thing was 6 inches long. WTF? There was nothing to be done about it but kill it. It was too big to squash, not that I’d feel bad about it, but I didn’t want to “feel” it at all. It’s a texture thing like frozen strawberries in ice cream or water chestnuts. Not exactly a Game of Thrones style execution (goodbye Little Finger), I put it out in the street. My thought was that it: A. Could feed a hawk, B. Would be unable to navigate to greener climes, C. Would get squashed, possibly by me but I would be unaware of it. In any event, the list of my garden adversaries continues to grow.

(At first I thought, oh god, another invasive species, but in fact, this is a native species…ugh)

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  1. Except for the color, it looks like a banana slug. I saw one once in Marin County California long ago which was about 9" long. Really ugly. It was merciful for you to put it out onto the street, to make or break it on its own.
    Jean G.

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