Horseback or childbirth, a cautionary tale

I think childbirth.

If you fall off a horse you should get right back on. OK, sure.

My mother used to say that you forgot how awful childbirth is and then you did it again. In her case, 4 more times after the first one. I’d say that my recent experience with travel is closer to childbirth in its misery yet without the positive ending. But in general terms, horseback is more travel related, I suppose.

Anyway, I am going back to Berlin next week. I have not learned some lesson here. I did learn, however, put an Apple tag in your luggage. They pay more attention to you if you know where your luggage is. These are screen shots at various points in the “lost luggage cycle,” it can be seen still in the plane at 4 am on Friday. Then in the terminal later that day. The day after Christmas it was moved to the “horseshoe” whatever that means, and lastly, yesterday, on the plane before take off on the way back to Milwaukee.

On the one hand I am freaking impressed, on the other, goddamit to hell.

They called last night. It is in Milwaukee. So, yay. I guess. And better than Schenectady or Flatbush.

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