Hold on to your hats

I’ve stumbled upon the perfect way to boil eggs and get the freaking shell off. Isn’t this exciting!?!

I know that in the past I have subscribed to the Cook’s Complicated, er, Illustrated egg steaming method but recently Sola El Wally (or however you spell it) had a NYT YouTube video (see here) in which she cooks eggs every whichaways, including hard boiling. It’s a fascinating watch, I mean, who doesn’t want to see a half hour of fun egg cookery. But the real eye opener was her method of cooking and peeling hard boiled eggs.

I’ll boil it down for you.

Get a large pot of water a-boiling. Put your cold-out-of-the refrigerator large eggs into something you can lower into the water so you don’t splash or burn yourself. Boil 9 minutes for jammy (best for eat-right-now) or 12 minutes for deviled eggs (solid cooked yolks). Take them out of the water and put immediately into large ice water bath, let sit for a second until handleable and then tap the eggs to crack the shells and put back in the ice water for an additional few minutes. They peal like magic. I’ve done more than 10 like this now and 100% of them peeled perfectly.

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