CDMX = Ciudad de Mexico = Mexico City. After an easy flight from Chicago — OK, getting up at 4 was not so easy but the flight left on time and arrived without a hitch. This is something of a miracle for me. I slept for at least an hour on the flight, also a miracle. Spent more than 2 hours watching a Tom Cruise Mission Impossible movie, also a miracle, I do not like him but hey, it was a great movie. I was actually hoping the flight was longer because I wasn’t done watching the movie and I really had to see the end.

We are in the Hotel Parque. When I stayed here 5 years ago it was March. It was cool at night but manageable. In January it’s cold. In the forties. There is not heat in the room. At all. Even during the day when the temperatures reach the upper 70s with the window open it is still cold. The shower, I use that term loosely, has more in common with drool than anything I’d associate with precipitation, barely gets tepid and only after running long enough to irrigate the whole of Arizona. So a hot shower was not in the cards.

Eventually I went down to the desk and timidly asked if they had anything like a space heater. (I’d looked the word up, calenator, in case you find yourself in this situation). “Oh!” the clerk said brightly, “off course!” and opened the door behind her to expose racks and racks of space heaters. They saved the day, well, night actually.

  1. Looking down the street towards the hotel. 2. Looking out our window into the park. 3. Looking onto the floor at the space heater.

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  1. Oh for heaven’s sake. It’s going below zero here in Milwaukee. No space heater big enough. What about the FOOD?
    Enjoy. We all miss you.

  2. You will note that the description of the blog is that I like to eat, travel and talk about it. This was the travel part. I will get to the food part. And, sorry, it’s Wisconsin. It’s cold. Tough it out. On another note, I brought Triscuits with me. Always best to be armed with crackers.

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