Happy anniversary

My niece and nephew celebrated their anniversary on May 31st. Their wedding was such a happy day. And they and their children add a lot to my life (while somehow simultaneously taking years off it sometimes).

I made a rhubarb custard tart thing. It was cute but it was a mess and it tasted ok but just ok. You win some, you don’t win others.

4 Replies to “Happy anniversary”

  1. Come on Michael, it was delicious!!!
    And I’d like to add that “Sunday Dinner at Uncle Michael’s” is the highlight of their week –mine too! We’re all sooo lucky!

    1. I’ve made better. It wasn’t bad but I’d never make it again. Or at least not like that. And if you didn’t see my other comment, I ate the rest of it over the sink with the custard dripping into the sink.

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