Half bad vs not half bad

Even I am sick of semmelknödeln, typing it alone is a pain in the klarn, as my father would say. But I had to go back to Joseph Roth Diele to get my dumpling. And I did. Husoor had the wiener, lentils and spätzle (there’s a combo for ya). This time there were no misunderstandings. The place was jammed. The semmelknödeln, though, was a disappointment I am sorry to report. It wasn’t inedible, I ate the whole damn thing but it did not meet the standards I’d set for it. Half bad, I’d say.

On the other hand a few days later I made the box-mix semmelknödeln. It wasn’t half bad. Aside from being boiled in plastic. Speaking of my father, he would not have liked this boiling-in-plastic concept. He thought plastic was poisonous.

I ate the poisonous dumplings with home-made chicken gravy (heated up with sage for a flavor boost in case there was a plasticky taste). There was not. Just plastic waste.

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