Grilled cheese

So I have the damn loaf of bread and now I am compelled to eat it in ways that I would normally NEVER consider. Sandwiches are rarely, if ever, a part of my dietary lexicon, to use a phrase. Fresh tomatoes and grilled cheese, though. Oh my god. I could hardly wait.

Made it the way someone, I dunno, maybe America’s Test Kitchen or Cook’s Complicated, er, Illustrated told me was the best way to make grilled cheese, spread mayonnaise on the outside instead of using butter. This is how the “big boys” make it they inferred.

As you can see here I did that. I used my ho-made mayo and added some basil. You want big boy, I added dijon mustard, and cocked up a panini press of sorts.

The mayonnaise browned nicely but for flavor I’m going to go with butter which to say I’m going to have to make this again . . . hey, it’s research! I’ll skip the basil too. That was just a distraction.

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