Goodkind in Bayview

I don’t know what to say about Goodkind, a charming restaurant in Bay View. I want to be nice, and some of it was nice. You can tell they’re trying. I liked the atmosphere. The place is lovely, if freezing, but they can’t help that it was -4 out. The wind whipping across my legs was uncomfortable but I put my jacket on my lap.

The appetizers were pleasant. Some sort of local cheese and then calamari. The RIMFCP had the prime rib and I had roast pork with “rotisserie potatoes”. The prime rib was bordering on awful. Too bad it was the most expensive thing on the menu. There was not a spec of salt on it. My pork roast was fabulous. Seriously delightful. The “rotisserie potatoes,” however, were not cooked. They were crunchy. Rotisserie potatoes, the potatoes that in France are put in the bottom of the contraption roasting chickens, are slathered with chicken fat, highly seasoned and creamy-licious inside.

I didn’t really recognize any of the wine, there was no cabernet on the wine list so I went with a suggestion. It was dreadful. I ended up giving it to the people next to me. They were drinking it and seemed to enjoy it. I have no idea why. It tasted like effervescent Kool-Aid®. Not exactly grape flavored.

This is the photograph I took of my food. Actually, I attempted to take a picture of my pork roast but I seem to have had the flash on and, fer chrissake, it may as well have been a klieg light. The entire restaurant wheeled around to look at me…this is an alternative crowd who I feature don’t really like elderly interlopers misusing their electronics in their dining vicinity. I mean, I get it, I don’t like that either. So when the flash went off like a hydrogen bomb in our midst, I jammed it back into my pants which seems to be what we are seeing here. I didn’t make a second attempt, things weren’t going well as it was.

This was my last meal before my Month of Pain. It wasn’t quite what I’d want a last meal to be, I mean, if I were being executed and this is what I’d gotten, I’d have been really bummed, but it was good enough. Too bad we left a good 8 oz of prime rib behind. But it was inedible.

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