Good intentions

I have a host of various plastic bags, used ones, in my shopping bags that I use instead of using the plastic produce bags that the stores provide. I have a vague sense that this may be illegal but no one has stopped me so far and I get to feel oh-so-righteous about my plastic bag usage.

So I got some green beans and put them in a used and saved plastic rice bag that the check out lady then scanned unfortunately. When she realized what she was holding she looked up at me like I was a sea creature. Seriously, she looked at me like WTF? Are you completely out of your mind?!? and took the bag of beans and threw them into a plastic bag in what I can only describe as utter disgust.

So much for my oh-so-righteousness.

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  1. About the plastic bags, …. Rinse them out and use them again, already. Breadsmith bags are particularly sturdy, but make sure to remove the Breadsmith label/logo. Jean

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