Giant crinkled chocolate chip cookies

Melissa Clark in the NYT said these were good. They looked good so I just HAD to try them. They seemed so simple. Good Lord what a process. Making the dough was not such an issue since it pretty much happens in one bowl, but measuring them all out (3 oz each) and them rolling them into balls, freezing them for 15 minutes then, while they bake you have to continuously open the oven, pick up and drop the cookie sheets, banging the sheet to create the “crinkled” look of the cookies.

Why did I want to make these? I dunno. It’s the month of pain, my need to make dessert (that I am not going to eat) kicks into overdrive. I even used all my vanilla sugar for these. Not that I could notice any kind of difference there (I may have eaten one, or possibly 2). I also made 2 batches, one I used baking soda, the other baking powder, again, no diff.

They were good, but thesewere better. Smitten Kitchen.  Just sayin.’ 

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