Germany 2023

Diese fahrt endet hier. ‘This ride ends here’ is what they announce at the terminus of bus lines in Berlin. And the European free ride for me is over, too. Ashish moves to the Dairy State soon. Don’t ask when—no one knows—it’s really fun hanging in limbo like this—but soon. I will probably never return to Berlin. As it is the thought of even going to an airport fills me with dread, fear and loathing. I will say that if there was a non-stop flight to Berlin I’d think about it but as it stands I can only get there with a stop somewhere and missing connections for Berlin has resulted several overnight stays in hotels and airports, and hours of anxiety as whatever flight I am currently on is late for the connecting flight and no amount of butt-clenching or arm-rest squeezing is making the flight go faster.

He’s lived in Ghent, Oslo, Frankfurt and Berlin. I’ve loved every one of those cities. Berlin, though, is where I’ve spent most of my time in Europe and I’ve loved her best. I am not sure why. It’s not charming or quaint. And it certainly isn’t the Germans. But there’s something.

The architecture here is crazy. This is an apartment building. I want to live here.

Apparently they keep a tight grip on sneezing in Germany.

So when your bus doesn’t come and this goes up on the sign it means, well, I have no idea. I walked home after that..

These Turkish pickles. Ooo mama. The pickled cabbage was the best part. A friend’s Turkish grandmother made them. I have the recipe.

Always a fave.

This part is pretty cool looking, the bottom part, the building, though, is actually silly.

KaDeWe. Just nowhere like it.

Berliner Dome. It’s Lutheran so, you know, not my people.

This cool place.

They have their share of graffiti. Some of it more poignant than others.

Oh, you know, food in all its various glories.

This was alarming not to mention prohibitively expensive.

On my way out.

My last view of Berlin. Sad face emoji.
Ireland. It’s not as picturesque as they say. At least this part isn’t.

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  1. I’m sad for you and for us not getting to visit you both there but happy that we might see more of you!!! I’ll cook for you if I’m brave enough.

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