German meal, 2


What a holy hella rigmarole. Onions, leeks (conveniently provided by Food-Dump-Carol) garlic, carrots, rosemary, thyme, bay, juniper, cloves and god knows what else all. Red wine (my grandfather used rosé), vinegar, honey, ginger snaps and much procedural hoo-ha.

More than a week later it was ready to eat. The only problem was that after 4 hours of slow roasting it was not the falling apart lusciousness I was expecting. It was good but not fabulous. The dumplings were amazing, the sauerbraten just OK.

The next day I slapped the leftovers into my Instantpot and gave them a good work out. Then it became what it should have been. Recipe here although I cannot imagine anyone doing this unless someone was holding a gun to their head.

My guest did not complain but I’m guessing that one does not if one expects to be invited back.

Now on to thanksgiving preparations.

I served it with red cabbage I made myself. Not worth the trouble. It was OK but Aunt Nellie’s is better. I must say.

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